List of Posts

I am Gerontologist, Hear Me Roar

INTERdependence Day: The Declaration of the Myth of Independence

Shades of Grey

Moving From How To Why

The Gift of Sara

Spirit Prevails

Changing the Conversation


Please Please Nursing Home, Let Me in (I am Not the Big Bad Wolf)

A Crowd-Sourcing Experiment: Let’s Build the Artifacts of Living Well

I am Still Being Heard

This is ALL True

Running, Thinking, Dreaming, Hoping, Living

Gate Keepers

Isms and Tough Love

Happy New Year!

Being Sensitive about Sensitivity Programs

Feeling(s) Unwell

Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Sonya

A Story of Mine to Share

Being Seen: A Passion Project

Blue the Elder Dog

Seeing Reed

There Is No Place Like Home, Unless You Feel Homeless There

Unraveling the Paradigm: The Medicalization of Growing Older

What Do We Want to Say About Growing Older?

On Bullies and Bullying

It’s Messy

The Faces of BPSD


Being Better than a Stick in the Eye


I Love You for What You ALMOST Are, Person-Centeredness.

The Future: The Wonder and Magic of Aging

Loneliness. Old Person Problem?

Bagels, Social Connection, and Paradigms

Hug a Gerontologist: We are Having an Identity Crisis


How and Why I Became a Revisionist Gerontologist

Blue the Butterfly

Fundamental Attribution Error (It’s Us)

Do People with Dementia Really “Live in the Past”?

Entrepreneurial Gerontology


I Have No Words, And I Also Do

Covid & Culture Change

Paradoxes of Aging

Resurgence: Interdependence Day 2021

The System is Broken and It Needs a New Paradigm

De-scribing Dementia

Dear Nursing Home, A Letter

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